Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Southgate corridor works possible delay?

I understand that the works to the junction of Sparhawk Street and Honey Hill will commence as planned on 12th January, but there is a potential problem with the timing of the St Mary's Square/Southgate Street junction section shown above. Anglian Water's emergency sewer repair works in Tayfen Road in late November have not fully resolved the problems there, and they are planning to investigate this matter further starting on the 12th - which will involve another road closure!

Given the health implications of this issue it is understandably being given priority over other works in the town, and in view of the significant effect that the closure of Tayfen Road has on traffic movements, Suffolk County Council will not permit any other works which will impact on the major road network until Tayfen Road is operating as normal again. The necessary closure of Southgate Street involves diverting traffic onto Cullum Road

Whilst the Honey Hill/Sparhawk Street work can be started on time, because of the short diversion route via Honey Hill/Swan Lane, it is impossible to say when SEBC will be able to proceed with the Southgate Street element. All being well they can move straight onto it after Sparhawk Street, but all officers can promise is that they will undertake it as soon as possible after all the problems in the Tayfen Road area are resolved.


Bury Boy said...

Well lets wait and see. One major accident at the top of southgate street, and things might change.
It would be nice if the Tayfen road traffic lights were a little diffferent this time. lessons learnt and all that.

Paul F said...

BB - Yes, I have been dreading an accident in this weather.

Tayfen Rd is outside my area, but if you feel like emailing or posting your suggested improvements I shall make sure these get to the powers that be.

Paul F said...

I am told by one who knows the area well that the solution is to place cones to force vehicles left off Station Hill into Fornham Road and dispense with the temporary signals. Motorists would soon learn that it would be easier to join the A14 at Bury East or the Westley Interchange. For example, Southgate Street residents would be better served if they headed towards Southgate Green and turned left. One regular Tesco customer who lives in Kings Road always travels via the Westley Interchange to do their provisions shopping because it's quicker in normal conditions and will be a lot quicker next week.

Bury Boy said...

I think it all depends on if Tayfen road is closed totally, or just made a one way road. If it was to be come one way during the work, then the station hill Island could be one very big roundabout. If its closed totally, then we may need to ask why.
Of course old style traffic policeman, woman, persons, or traffic people could direct traffic like they used to in the 50s, and 60s.instead of lights.

Paul F said...

That would be a sight BB! About as likely as an AA man on a motorbike saluting a member.

One response I have received to the suggestion above is:

"Your correspondent is correct in that local drivers will quickly learn to avoid the Tayfen Road area - that is exactly what happened last time the road was closed. For a day or two delays were horrendous, but drivers quickly learnt to avoid this area and delays reduced significantly. Maybe the advance warnings given this time will help to minimise the disruption?"