Thursday, 8 January 2009

Trouble at' Mill (Rd)

Friday update: all now collected.
Councillors receive a wide variety of enquiries, but many of them occur regularly - by their very nature. Mill Road North (and Castle Road) can only be accessed by vehicles from its Kings Road end, shown above. At the junction there are double yellow lines, but these soon become single. The result is that people are tempted to park on the single lines, especially on Saturdays, even though the little sign on the flint wall says At any time meaning after 8am at weekends too. Some park illegally during the day, as the car shown above has, and others park on the doubles too.
'So what?', I hear you say.
The picture above probably does not do justice to the narrowness of this road, but there are times when the parked cars prevent SEBC's waste collection vehicles, especially when they arrive on Saturdays after a bank holiday (normal collection day being Friday).
The active citizens in this road are well used to contacting the Waste Management section about this, but I often get a back-up call to emphasise the urgency of the situation. I did today and found that the team had been unable to access last Saturday, had successfully been since , but missed one or two bins.
As always the problem was easily solved when the resident who phoned me had phoned the office; so when I added my voice the helpful assistant knew all about it.
But unless there is a mass-ticketing of offenders, what can be done? Especially if the drivers do not live in Mill Rd and so are not inconvenienced themselves? When I queried whether the fire engines could cope I was told that there would be no problem. Do they just barge their way through?!

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