Friday, 9 March 2007

Paul's Expenses and Attendance

In the interests of transparency, Paul is pleased to be able to publish below all his payments and expenses received as a councillor, together with attendance statistics where these are available. Figures quoted are the most recent available to him.

Town Council

Paul receives no payment or expenses whatsoever as a town councillor. His rate of attendance at meetings in 2012, the most recent period as published by the council, was 91%.

Borough Council

All borough councillors received £5,184 before tax in the year 2009/10. This amount was frozen and remains the same in 2012/13. All telephone calls, postage, use of home office, *newsletters and some travel costs come out of this basic allowance.

Paul only claims travel to West Suffolk House for official meetings. He does not claim for informal meetings there, nor travel for various other meetings (eg residents' associations) nor any subsistence allowance.

In 2011/12 his paid travel expenses were £75.67, representing payment at 45 pence per mile. The AA's published average cost of motoring in 2011 for the smallest car (under £12, 000) based on fuel at 133.3p/litre was 68.62 pence per mile.

Paul's official meetings attendance rate for 2011/12 was 92%. For 2012/13 it was 85% with the average rate per councillor being 81.6%

* Newsletters cost c £300 per edition.

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