Saturday, 9 August 2008

Planning matters

Local councillors spend much of their time on planning issues. Whilst some of these make the news (such as mobile masts or other applications affecting a lot of people) most go unnoticed – except by the one or two households affected. I am regularly contacted by someone worried about (for example) their neighbour's extension.

Planning applications up to three new dwellings can be decided by a planning officer, but if one or more people object then the officer must consult local councillors – unless s/he decides to reject the application.

I am therefore given the chance to see the objections and the officer’s response to these, and if I think that the decision should go before the planning (Development Control) committee, I can request this. The committee then sit in public and discuss the application, giving the applicant, objector and ward councillors a three minute hearing each.

If you are worried about a planning application in Abbeygate ward that might affect you, please contact me. In the meantime you can find more by going to:

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