Saturday, 16 April 2011

Election-watch 4

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He couldn't resist it. The top 'story' in his second leaflet, though technically correct, suggests that some of the credit for the Special Area Policy should go to the Lib Dems. Well, three of them were among those borough councillors who voted overwhelmingly for the SAP on 5th April. If the three (soon to be nil?) Lib Dems had voted against, it would still have easily gone through. I went to a Churchgate Area Association (300+ members) meeting last night, and people were up in arms about this leaflet they had received. They just couldn't believe the cheek of this man, and anyone who might have thought of giving one of their votes to him will certainly not do so now.

Is this why the Lib Dems are called by some the "Fib Dems"? (Try Googling Fib Dems to see how widespread the term is.) The fact is that although the existing councillors are pretty decent people, and have made their own individual contributions by attending meetings diligently, their actual contribution to debate has been rare and not very influential. As a group on the council I cannot think of anything they have achieved: maybe that's why Chris Lale seems to be borrowing the achievements of others.

Richard Rout had the original idea for the SAP, and he and I with the CAA took it through all the various meetings to its implementation in Jan 2009. I have done exactly the same during the last ten months, and apart from the one Lib Dem on the Licensing Committee, the Lib Dems have shown no particular interest in the issue to my knowledge. I can't wait to see the next edition.

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