Thursday, 21 April 2011

Election-watch 5

This morning I obtained a copy of the Labour party's election leaflet for Abbeygate, featuring 18 year old Christina ('Tina' officially) Ross and architect Tom Stebbing. I have already commented on Tina's candidature, so apart from noting that her alleged away-from-Abbeygate higher education plans are not included on this leaflet, I will say no more. I must also be careful, as one of my council colleagues thinks all these posts are 'childish'.

Tom's pedigree is pure Bury and he lives and works in the ward. He thinks we should have 'good politicians: those who are not part of the old guard, those who understand the impact of government cuts' (well we certainly understand which party is responsible for them Tom) etc. I suppose I must be part of the 'old guard', whatever that is. I don't think it is complimentary.

Apart from that Tom and Tina believe in 'an inclusive council' (?) 'the integration of services with neighbouring local authorities (we're doing that) and 'will maintain the rolling programme of road and pavement repairs'. Sounds like council tax will go up then


Sylviane said...

Sometimes I find your comments a little bit harsh, at the same time, if it wasn't for your blog, I wouldn't have a clue what message the candidates are trying to convey... I know all parties don't provide the same financial support but I would like to have a chance to know what the candidates stand for by now!

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Thanks for your comment, Sylviane, as ever. I am surprised if the candidates haven't delivered their messages to you.

Incidentally I haven't knocked on your door as I tend not to ask the voting intentions of those community leaders whom I have a lot of contact with. I think it puts them in an awkward position.

But I trust you recveived my own leaflet!

Sylviane said...

Received indeed! One party's leaflet still missing...