Friday, 15 April 2011

Hunter result

Yesterday's Licensing hearing was addressed by me, the Principal Environmental Health Officer, five local residents and one of the applicants, Mr Andrew Hunter. The result was:

closing at 1am granted, but only for Thurs-Sat, not 7/7 as requested;

alcohol on sales extra hour granted Thurs-Sat as requested;

music and dance extra hours rejected;

request to change condition relating to noise rejected;

change of condition to front door rejected;

extension to floor space rejected.

All the neighbours spoke very well, and described the serious problems of noise and the use of the front door (contrary to a condition of the existing licence). I was amused by one, who said: "Our anger was not drummed up - we were already angry!". This refers to the EADT article referred to in an earlier post - click here to see it.

Mr Hunter has been publicly critical of the Special Area Policy. It is interesting to note that his mainly rejected application was not heard under the aegis of the SAP as his application was made before it was readopted.

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