Friday, 28 May 2010

Have your say...

...on the future of the Corn Exchange, and find out what Wetherspoons plan for it if their bid to take it over is successful. There is an open day from 2pm-7pm on 15th June and all are welcome to drop in and participate.

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Bury Boy said...

I urge every body who cares, and some of those who dont, to go along and make your comments known. If you dont then you have no right to complain when the corn exchange has bands live music until 4 am in the morning, and there clients wake you up, and releive them selfs in the street.

We seem to have one oppitunity to use this public building for social and community use and benefit . After this the unelected and those who live outside our town will get their way and a super pub will open.