Saturday, 15 May 2010

4.30 it is, then...

Outside Club Brazilia with a variety of Bury club and pub owners/managers

So, Club Brazilia will be able to be open until 4.30 a.m. on Thursdays-Saturdays. I know Chris Cornish (on my right above) to be a responsible manager of the club and leader of the local pub-watch scheme. No doubt the vast majority of his customers are equally responsible. But even the best behaved person who has left Club Brazilia at 4.30 is likely to make a noise when walking home at 5 a.m. Just the noise of chatting to a group of friends can reverberate in the narrow streets with tall buildings within the historic core.

I predict Deja Vu will now apply for the same, given that they have always competed with Club Brazilia's hours in the past.

Is all this really a good thing for Bury?

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Bury Boy said...

Why stop at 4.30am, go on make it 24 hours and make those of us who live in the town suffer.
Why not roll over and invite weatherspoons in as well, after all those making the decisions DONT live in the area that is affected by the trade. Different story if they had to put up with the noise and be woken from a deep sleep every weekend at 3am or earlier. And what do we get for this tolanance NOT a JOT, other than increased parking fees. Upset DAMM right I am, and looking for support from our elected to STOP this WE HAVE RIGHTS TOO>