Thursday, 3 June 2010

A more reasonable hour?

Here is the site of Bar Ambition's replacement, given the go-ahead by SEBC's Development Control committee this morning. Claiming not to be a nightclub, but an 'upmarket bar' it sought permission to open until 00.30 Sundays-Thursdays and 0100 Fridays and Saturdays.

Despite these being the same hours as Bar Ambition, the new premises could cater for twice as many customers in a slightly more sensitive area. As a result I tried to persuade this morning's meeting to limit hours until midnight 7/7. I met with some encouragement (I think three out of the sixteen members) but the amendment which supported my suggestion was easily lost, and members proceeded to approve the application in full.


Bury Boy said...

13 votes from councillors who dont live in the historic core or on the routes to the estates then, What a surprise.

Bury Boy said...

You know what is coming next ?
We approved this application, so we want to be fair and approve the corn exchange for wetherspoons. These very same people will hide when weatherspoons turn the Corn Exchange into a night club under a different guise, Just take a look at Bang Bangs, first a sausage and mash cafe, now a bar with entertainment, waht next a night club.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Forgot to say I also proposed a condition restricting numbers at any one time to 122 (one per square metre of floorspace) instead of the 220 planned. There was some doubt expressed about this (obviously unusual) suggestion being something the committee could do. However, I fail to see why the committee cannot impose any reasonable restriction if it has good reasons.

But what do I know? I'm just one of the local councillors - not even a member of the committee.