Thursday, 26 November 2009

20s plenty

"20s plenty" is the name of the special zones which are often created at school entrances in the county. My and my fellow county councillor's locality budgets shared the cost of these new signs outside Tollgate primary school. By local government standards we managed to do this remarkably quickly, since the request was only made in mid October.

Today celebrated the installation of the signs and road surfaces, by using speed cameras to stop motorists exceeding 30 mph (bizarrely all 20 mph zones are unenforceable) whereupon they were offered a chat from the children on road safety, or "official action" - whatever that might have been - presumably a ticket.

Parents are delighted with the zone, but have nor forgotten that a crossing is needed near there, and was once promised (not by us). We have not forgotten either, and have met with the appropriate Suffolk County Council officer to see the embryo plans.

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