Saturday, 21 November 2009

'My' lights

Here is the welcome in lights from the arc to 'the old town', a new feature of Bury's Christmas lights, funded by Suffolk County Council from my locality budget. A good investment? (Photo courtesy of Cllr Richard Rout.)


Bury Boy said...

Hate to tell you Paul, but it is our money that "you" are spending. Rate payers money, its not yours really. ( some people are really offended that you may think it is).

So correctly speaking its "Our Lights" funded from a locality budget administared by yourself.

Totally seperate issue, Whats the point of a town council black waste bin that is not regularly emptied. "None" as I am sure you will agree, so check out the one in raingate street on enterance to the rugby field. over flowing with 3 weeks rubbish, including rubbish collected by dog walkers from the field left by players and visitors ( no NOT dog stuff, drink bottles, food packets, tape etc).

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

BB People must be easily offended then. Of course it is council taxpayers' money (hate to tell you, but there are no ratepayers any more) but it's my budget to distribute as I think fit.

And I can tell you I don't really agree with the scheme, because it is open to abuse, is time-consuming to administer, presents impossible choices and disappoints more people/organisations than it helps.

But I'm stuck with it and am trying to spread it 'fairly'. Any suggestions welcome. (I can tell you that I won't be buying new waste bins, because of the additional revenue implications.)

Thank you for letting me know about the Raingate St/Rugby club bin. I will get a message out to waste management directly. In future could you email me direct about such things? Or telephone 757320/316.

Thank you...P

Sylviane said...

As long as we are sure there is life behind this block of buildings, then it's a good thing to have the nice Welcome sign. Bravo.

Picklesmum said...

I like the light up horns you are wearing in this photo, very jolly!

Anonymous said...


Are you responsible for the lights in both links between the ARC and the Old Town? If you are could you investigate why one set weren't working last night during the late night shopping / charity market.

If you're taking the credit for getting them there in the first place I'm afraid you must also take some of the blame when they're not working.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

I am only 'responsible' for having allocated the funding of the Central Walk lights from my Suffolk County Councillor's locality fund. That does not make me resonsible for ensuring they stay alight, although I am able to contact those who know to inform.

In this case it was the Market Thoroughfare lights that went out, along with some others nearby; but thanks anyway for informing me. It is being sorted.