Saturday, 5 September 2009

Today's 'surgery'

Today I arrived to find the college's evening classes' staff occupying the well of the staircase where Richard Rout and I usually sit. Just as well I was on my own today (Richard is on annual leave) as we had to share the space as best we could. The worst part was when library users were trying to find their reservations in the shelf on my immediate left.

I only had three clients, but all had genuine concerns, and clearly found it easier to drop by than to phone or write - all of which makes the waiting worthwhile. Whether I shall be able to resolve their issues is another matter, but at least I will try.

During an interval Mrs F arrived with some water and took this shaky photograph on my camera.

PS To my horror I see I am wearing the same shirt as featured in the headline to this website, which I often canvassed in in 2002. Well, they say the old ones are the best!

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