Thursday, 3 September 2009

And so the leap-frogging goes on

Following Deja Vu's planning application appeal, which paved the way for their licensing result (below) to no one's surprise Ruin are trying the same thing. I have already been told by a planning officer that they will 'have to have regard to the appeal' in determining this new application. Here it is in planning-speak:

"Continued use of A4 (drinking establishment) at ground floor and Sui Generis (nightclub) at first floor approved under SE/07/1458 without compliance with conditions 1 and 2 of SE/08/1012 (to allow the ground floor to be open Monday to Wednesday 10.00am until 12.00pm, Thursday to Saturday 10.00am until 03.00am the following day and Sundays 10.00am until 01.00am the following day, and to allow the first floor to be open Sundays to Wednesdays between 20.00pm and 01.00am the following day and Thursday to Saturdays between 20.00pm and 03.00am the following day)"

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