Thursday, 27 November 2008

Southgate and Sparhawk streets speeding update

The very welcome and regular speeding checks carried out by our police SNT team have so fare shown that the average speed of vehicles in this 30 mph area is 25 mph. Is this slow enough for the Council to designate the area 20 mph?


headless said...

I'm a little surprised at that, but I suppose it's not the "average" vehicle causing the problems.

Will a reduction in the limit here actually have any effect on the *problem* vehicles/drivers though?

Paul F said...

Both good points Headless, but a limit would at least justify those who wish to stick to it holding up the impatient ones behind!

headless said...

Fair point Paul.

I suppose also there's a fair chance that if the limit is 10mph less, any offending drivers will be pushed into a higher offence category (eg - 25mph over the limit rather than 15mph).

I'm not normally mad-keen on speed restrictions but I think there's a pretty strong case for it in this location.

All rather pointless though if there's no policing/enforcement, and I imagine that this is where the problem may actually lie.