Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Ask me another...

Local councillors receive all sorts of enquiries, some of which they can deal with and others they have to direct elsewhere. Yesterday afternoon included calls from two of my electors.

The first wanted to know why 'Mr Brown' was not going to pay him the amount he'd heard from watching the Pre-Budget announcement. (He had already phoned the pension service who told him only those on pension support would receive the full amount. As a second world war veteran he was most unimpressed). I explained that I could not really speak for Mr Brown but would get David Ruffley MP to look into this.

The other call was from a lady in what might be called an up-market private development, very worried about a crack in a wall by her house. I said I would have a look today, but warned I was no surveyor!

UPDATE 27th Nov

This was not an inappropriate request, as the cracks were sufficient to warrant a call to SEBC's Building Control department, who will inspect and advise.

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