Saturday, 26 July 2008

"Furyo 1" creates one furore

One of the most controversial items on the Bury St Edmunds Area Working Party meeting on Thursday was the proposal to use this style of lamppost in St Andrews Street South, at the interface of the town with the Cattle Market development. Members almost unanimously thought it was a lamppost too far, and asked for a re-think.

What do you think (see my poll)?

Other decisions included an acceptance of the Shire Hall development brief (see below) and a rejection of the change in priority at Westgate/Crown Streets (see also below). I referred to my poll of (then) 60% in favour but when I revealed this was only three votes my colleagues were not impressed!


picklesmum said...

I think a slightly unusual lamp-post is the least of Arc's worries!

Ruby in Bury said...

Absolutely Picklesmum. Look at the STATE of the Debenhams store!!

The lampost goes OK with that giant spacepod (Debenhams), currently having silver scales placed all over it - but neither of them go in Bury St Edmunds. Or indeed anywhere. Except perhaps the moon.

Paul F said...

Oh dear Ruby. It's not often you sound more reactionary than me!

picklesmum said...

Anyone know why one half of development is Space themed, one half cowboy shanty town? Oh I get it, it's like at Lego land where you get all the different 'worlds'. Interesting!

Paul F said...

PM - Naughty girl!

Bury Boy said...

Maybe its so when the hard times come, they can sell the metals to fund a revamp. Or clad it in stone to give it whats currently missing. After all some shanty towns turned into Amercian citys, ( tatty under privilieged, crime writtern, beer drinking communities, with little substance)

Bury St Edmunds ( loud cheers from the crowd) is a town / community build with natural substrate, timber, waddle, plaster, flint, stone and brick, a town with character, style and dare I say it under stated class, a market town of substance, this latest developemt " the cattle market" ( all other short words of discription should be banned forth with), is an abortion, no doubt to be a problem child, bleeding the town centre dry, and if not handled correctly leading to our towns downfall after, 900 years. for what our children and future generations will ask.......GREED