Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Art in Abbeygate

Cumbrian Blue(s): Bombs over Baghdad 2003

If you don't like the lamppost, what do you think of this work of art featured in the brochure of Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery's Autumn exhibition these valued landscapes?

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Bury Boy said...

One could draw links here, some thing modern ( fake or out of place) trying to pretend to or fit into an older time period. Some thing trading as traditional only to be found wanting broken and discarded after five years.

Or even that we have lost a valuable urban landscape, to be replaced by a shanty town ( thanks PM the discription is quite apt)

Maybe the local developers and their council friends ( changed the word here, prize for the best answer) will issue a china plate with the "old cattle market" and "abortion" on for some future generation to drop and break.

How about a retrospective of Bury St Edmunds ( cheers from the crowd) during the early days gallery folks.