Thursday, 5 June 2008

Whilst I was away...

I have been away from home quite a bit recently, and must apologise to the faithful few who occasionally glance at this site. Here are some random images on my return:

A ghostly bank note emerges from the cash-point

Progress on the Rougham Hill cycle path

A resurfaced Southgate Street

A new and simpler cycle path in Maynewater Lane

No more rough 'natural' look in the Great Churchyard

More scaffolding

SEBC Gardener Craig rotavating in Angel Hill...

...where the Over 60s join the debate (see tomorrow's BFP)

A "thing" appears on my font door. It's gone now but what is it?
(I don't know the answer)


Anonymous said...

It's a pile of crap Pf.

Paul F said...