Saturday, 7 June 2008

The Roundhouse

The roundhouse is going to the Museum of East Anglian Life, where it will be rebuilt and restored. I have no picture of it but there is one in this week's BFP. The decision follows a successful lottery grant for the museum and extensive discussions with representatives of the Bury Society.

The BFP included comments from some well known council critics, including those in "the 32" who have been fierce anti-Cattle Market commentators. But what do ordinary and younger people think? Why not vote in my latest poll...? Comments also welcome.


Bury Boy said...

You cant be accused of trying to swing opion in your vote then? £80,000 to be erected in bury, who is the contractor the local council?. They do seem to be the only grouping who struggle with the commercial reality and cost control.

Paul F said...

I think one of the factors is that 'erected' really means rebuilt almost from scratch. Presumably there must be quite a cost if the museum had to get a grant.

picklesmum said...

Am I remembering the scruffy, battered old shed differntly to other people? I'd thought a bonfire was best course of action there.
Maybe I'm thinking of a different shed.