Friday, 14 March 2008

Election result

The result of the Town Council by-election for Abbeygate Ward was as follows. You can read more in the Bury Free Press website.

At the count, left to right: Beccy Hopfensperger, Cllr Richard Rout, Angela Farmer, Clive Springett, and candidates Paul Hopfensperger and Mark Hardy

Farmer 457

Hardy 78

Hopfensperger 154

Lockwood 78


headless said...

Paul - congratulations on winning and good luck.

Now that the election is over, will we see you return to your usual frequent blogging (please) or has the break from blogging given you time for other things you'd like to keep up?!

It's been very dull around here recently (apart of course from the excitement of 21CM becoming a meedja star...)

Paul F said...

Thank you very much Headless.

I suspended my blog for the election period - not (as another councillor claimed) for electoral legal reasons, but becausee I knew there would be many comments that I simply hadn't got time to deal with. As it happens there were many negative and even defamatory comments about me which I ignored at the time, (still going on today) and this has made me think hard about whether to resume the very time-consuming business of blogging.

I would welcome feedback on this from any others who may be still looking at this site.

picklesmum said...

Do you have time for a tune on the piano now or are you too busy with the extra job? Something cheerful after all this hoo ha would be appreciated.

Paul F said...

PM it's very flattering of you to request something, but I think this is no time for frivolity.

I might be reported to the CPS by that nice man from St Mary's Square.