Friday, 15 February 2008

Last post for a while...

I was delighted on Wednesday to have been selected as the Conservative Party candidate in the forthcoming Town Council by-election in Abbeygate ward on March 13th.

Knocking on doors in Abbeygate at the last election

When I left the Council in 2005 I believed it was going in the wrong direction: empire-building, duplicating services, spending too much money and failing in its primary function of representing local people. Although I didn't agree with all of the new "ABC" group's policies, I did support their desire for a leaner, more efficient and effective Town Council, delivering services economically.

As an experienced councillor working hard for all the people of Abbeygate since 2003 I believe I have much to offer the new-look Town Council and help it at last to find its natural place in the life of Bury - for the benefit of its residents.

I will campaign for:

a reduction in staffing and administration costs;
a reduction in council tax;
scrapping unnecessary meetings;
moving to smaller more cost-effective premises;
ensuring local people have their say in planning and licensing matters.

I hope that the electors of Abbeygate will support me as strongly as they did in 2003 and 2007. I truly believe I am the best person to be their town councillor - regardless of my or their party politics.

(Please note I shall not be blogging again before the election, nor publishing any comments.)

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