Saturday, 15 March 2008

While I was away

While I was in self-imposed purdah, two trivial things occurred.

1. My weight loss topped 19 lbs and I am hoping to maintain a comfortable weight of 10 st 10 lbs.

2. I was reported to the Standards Board for England by an Abbeygate resident living in the heart of the Historic Core, for allowing the following post to be published. Apparently the bits in (my) italics were a problem:

Paul - I didn't mention any police officer in particular but the Suffolk Constabulary as a body. I wouldn't have recommended an amendment otherwise but kept to the original hours and trusted to the Magistrates on Appeal.I was only instructed 8 days before the original hearing and I spent the next week familiarising myself with the local situation overall - including a 05.00 site visit on the Saturday morning to observe the 05.30 noisy Biffa collection from the fish restaurant and the noodle bar.It struck me as odd - and still does - that the CAA isn't seeking to persuade both to follow the good example set by the Queens Head and have their collections after 07.00 by SEBC. This could gain an extra 90 minutes shuteye for local residents.The documentation had been distributed days before so my first opportunity to amend the Application was at the Hearing itself.As I was reading from a written list, I'm not able to comment on any change in expression on the face of the craggy good-looking Steve Henthorn.The issue for the police is Friday and Saturday and your recital seems to bear that out. However, I do agree that staggered closing hours is better but it would be logical for the Dog & Partridge to close first as it is the furthest away from the exact town centre. It is, in addition, outside the purple dotted line which donates the commercial central area whereas the Queens Head is inside this line.Closing times for the remaing 5 days is largely theoretical but is there as an option. Harriets Tea Rooms, for example, is licensed to midnight although the pianist must cease at 17.30(17.00 on Sundays) even if wearing a white sport coat.I'm pleased to hear that you weren't in hiding yesterday. You might have won the day with your eloquence and natural charm. Two of the three Magistrates were female and you are so much better with the ladies than I could ever be. I'm more at ease with the blokey-bloke stuff.Collective noun - how about 'rash'? Even more appropriate: nasty rash of reviews. What a waste of money.
Saturday, December 15, 2007

I hasten to add that I was found not guilty, but it's odd that I had no idea about this allegation until after it had been dealt with (not least because the complainant who reported me is a frequent visitor to my monthly surgery, and could have at least warned me as a courtesy in exchange for taking up my time). It's also strange that I have to make a Freedom of Information request just to find out what he told them.

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