Friday, 1 February 2008

Havebury Out Westgate development - the decision

Next Thursday the Development Control committee will decide on this, details of which were posted last year and most recently in December. The agenda papers can be found @

Local planning is a St Edmundsbury Borough Council function, and the Council is the Local Planning Authority. Abbeygate Ward, which I represent with Richard Rout, is one of the busiest wards (being in the centre of town) and we spend a lot of time working to inform, advise and support our electors. It is unglamorous but rewarding work, especially when we are able to prevent an unreasonable planning application from blighting someone's view. It really can be almost life-changing for some.

Anyone can attend the meeting on Thusday, at 10am at the Borough Offices. There are three Abbeygate applications, two of which I shall be speaking on. I hope to update those interested on Thursday afternoon.

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Bury Girl said...

My friend in Out Westgate is not happy with this but she's not on line. I'll tell her Paul. Thank you. Don't suppose you need a "local budget" to do this sort of work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!