Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Suffolk County Council "no" to school crossing

St Edmundsbury Borough Council, to whom management of highways is devolved in Bury by Suffolk County Council (who provide the funding for this) have apparently* again turned down our request for a zebra crossing from the Theatre Royal side of Westgate Street to Bridewell Lane. This will be a huge disappointment to Emma Dell and other parents, who pointed out the problem to me in 2006, and who were hoping for a more positive response.

This is not the end of the story.

*I have not heard this directly from an officer of SEBC or SCC but I do not doubt the accuracy of my source.

Here is the original EADT story which appeared last October:


Bury Girl said...

I think the county council are a bit mingy not to fund this and to tell you (or not yet) so late. Just shows how complicated it is having all these different councils. Is it true Bury has three???

Anonymous said...

Haven't you seen Hoffy's blog? He's beaten you to it!

Paul F said...

Hello Bury Girl. Where did you come from?

Thanks for telling me Anon. I have been involved in this project for several months but have been waiting for SCC to pronounce. Once I discovered yesterday that the answer was "no" (still waiting to find out officially) I put in action a plan to get funding from the Theatre, Greene King, GF school, St Eds and SCC. £3,000 each would do it.

It must be nice to have such largesse on tap. We mere Borough Councillors have £0 to spend.

Bury Girl said...

From Bury of course - doh! Some of us females were born and bred here too y'no.

Bury Boy said...

You tell'em Bury girl. Some of them those em visitors are not as bright as they seem yooou knoow.

The question is Paul is this the right place for a crossing. could there be a better suggestion.
It seems to me that the Greene King may be able to suggest an alternative which will also serve the TR and the junction as well as the School.
Made be you just invest £20 in a tin of white paint. Paint 20mph signs and a zebra crossing on the road and see if this has an effect.

Bury Girl said...

Could you please answer my question Paul?! How many councils are there?

ALso I've just commented on Paul h's blog. why don't you put money into this? Why has the other Paul succeded where you failed?

picklesmum said...

***hides in corner awaiting fallout**

Paul F said...

BB - I'm sure the TR would benefit too. I am often tempted to get some paint, particularly the colour yellow!

BG - Sorry, yes there are 3 councils: Town covering the whole of Bury; Borough covering St Edmundsbury (from Haverhill to Stanton) and County covering all of Suffolk.

I'm sorry you think I've failed. Please see my reply to Anon above.

Although involved with this bid from the Borough to the County for several months, I could only wait for their (unusually late and still not communicated to the Borough) decision.

In the new year I suggested to Emma that she might like to chase up the County via her County Cllrs - whose contact etails I gave her. She had no reply from either until she reminded them this week. That was when Paul Hopfensperger got himself involved.

He has drawn on his £12K approx "locality fund", his fellow county councillor's fund and is assuming the Borough would contribute the amount I had already asked them for.

The difference is that I have no such fund, and was suggesting another £3K each from the County, Greene King, Theatre Royal and Guildhall Feoffement school.

As Paul seems to have taken over the project for some reason, I do not want to look as if I am trying to compete; but I wish the campaigners well and will obviously do anything I can to help.

Bury Girl said...

I think I understand. Yur forgiven!!!!

Seems t'me like you did all you could.