Thursday, 7 February 2008

Go ahead for Out Westgate Havebury homes

Todays meeting of the Development Control (planning) committee voted 11-1 in favour of this 30 home scheme as detailed by me in previous posts.

Having contacted all affected residents last year, I argued for the installation of an electronic "slow down" sign at the junction with Eyre Close, to deter speeding down the hill and make the new development's access/exit safer. Unfortunately Havebury were not prepared to fund this and, following the Highways Authority's lack of interest in it, it was not made a condition of the consent.


James said...

Thank you for informing and representing those of us in Out Westgate.

Bury Girl said...

Good try!!!!!!!!

Rose said...

The PPO e-mailed me to say the sign would be made a condition as they were concerned about the access etc.
Why is no-one else concerned, is it a question of wait and see if anything happens!!! Of course the people with the power probably never use the road except at the safest times.

Paul F said...

Not sure what you mean by PPO but am intrigued Rose.

This was an ideal opportunity for a flashing sign to be made a condition of the permission, given that Havebury were not prepared to offer one themselves - which would have been some compensation to Out Westgate residents for the extra traffic and pressure on parking.

The only councillor on the committee who spoke about it said he drove along the street twice a day "and you can't exceed 30 mph" because of the traffic and parked cars. He also doubted the effectiveness of such a sign.

A slide shown in the meeting depicted a car free road!

This small measure (requested by most residents) would have cost the council tax payer nothing, and might have done some good.

Thanks for your support.

Paul F said...

Principal Planning Officer? I'd love a

Paul F said...

BTW, Out Westgate residents who contacted me about this sign voted for it 15 out of 17.