Friday, 8 February 2008

BFP letters - better than fiction?

What imagination some of this week's contributers have!

David Nettleton implies I am "wealthier than those on average and low incomes". It's not the first time he's said as much. In January 2006 he wrote that I don't "understand what it's like to manage on a low or fixed income." How does he know what my income is? How does he know the limits of my empathy?

Vic Edmunds wonders if councillors are exempt from income tax on their allowances - I wish! In fact I wish I could claim my considerable phone and postage bill against tax, as a self-employed person could.

Finally, Simon Harding pronounces that I want the Corn Exchange "disposed of as soon as possible". Clearly he didn't listen to me last Saturday when he again took up much of my surgery time to question me about everything under the sun. Once the venue is in use there will be no need for the borough to use its existing building, but its upstairs might be in any number of commercial or leisure uses at a saving to the council tax payer.

Is no one interested in the truth?


Bury Boy said...

Truth and Politics ?

Paul F said...

Have faith. When have I lied or even bent the truth? If you tell me I will hold my hand up to it - if its true.

Bury Girl said...

Whats the truthful answer to all their other points then??????????

Paul F said...

BB - I'd be more inclined to respond if I knew something about you (eg AKA ?)

Bury Boy said...

Slight typing error there then Paul.
BB is known to you, Bury Girl is still an unknown, how ever this should not stop you answering her question.

Some one said Truth is in the eye of the beholder, facts how ever are facts.

Bury Girl (BG!) said...

Well I'm not BB but BG. Don't you know the difference BF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

Paul F said...

Sorry BG (and BB) but there's no need to call me a BF! (Note only one exclamation mark needed.)

I could tell Simon Harding the financial burdens of many of the council's assets, but it would not be relevant to his wish to raise the council tax by denying StEds council tax payers the revenuee from the Market Cross.

I've responded to all of what Vic Edmunds wrote.

David Nettleton thinks the Retail Price Index is an "obscure statistic". Maybe he can afford to consider the current 4% rise obscure: it's reality for Mrs F and me.