Saturday, 3 November 2007

La Boheme

Tonight we went to the Theatre Royal for the first time since it reopened, to see one of our (and many people's) favourite operas. Presented by Suffolk Opera the performance exceeded my expectations, with some excellent soloists, especially the women, Mimi and Musetta - the former having
a rich and powerful voice whilst the latter excelled on what seemed ridiculously high notes. Rudolpho's tones were thinner, and his top notes often supressed, except on one notable occasion - but he carried off the role to good effect. As a drama and production it all worked very well.

And what about those seats? We were in a box (as were several Abbeygate electors!) which had some folding seats, and although they were not too uncomfortable for a shortish performance I would be worried about a fire: in fact I am surprised that what I thought were strict fire regulations would permit a system where there are three rows of chairs with no alleyway and quick means of escape.
Nevertheless it was great night out. Mrs F was delighted.

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