Tuesday, 18 September 2007

We want a crossing!

Here I am backing parents of Guildhall Feoffment primary school in their fight for a safe crossing point in Westgate Street.

Many of the schoolchildren come from south of Westgate Street, which is getting increasingly hard to cross. Few drivers use their indicators at the junction, and often pedestrians are unclear as to whether it is safe to cross or not. If I am unsure, then what can a child be thinking? I’m not surprised parent s are demanding a crossing.”

One such parent is Mrs Emma Dell of Harrington Close. She said:

“If my four year old son Ethan is going to be able to stay at Feoffment until 11 then I would expect him to be able to walk to and from school on his own. A simple pedestrian crossing is a must.”

The Borough Council has been bidding for money from the County Council for some sort of crossing here, but so far without success. I have now asked officers to upgrade the application for the next financial year to a zebra crossing, and have written to County Council officers to urge them to support it.


picklesmum said...

A definite need for crossing there.

Don't know who's area it is but WHEN will there be a crossing on Fornham rd, near the railway bridge so you can cross to tesco? One was promised when I left Bury 7.5 years ago!!

Paul F said...

Pretty sure that's David N's patch. Crossings are in great demand and notoriously difficult to get.

david said...

Even worse, Tesco paid SEBC a shedload of money to improve pedestrian links to the store as part of their original application in, I think, 1994.

There should by now be a raised zebra near the old Railway Mission Church and a pedestrian refuge so positioned as to prevent cars turning across the traffic into what is a Staff Only car park off Fornham Road.

Tesco Customers should use the main car park not this one. The reason is traffic safety. Thank you.

Paul - like the white jacket.

picklesmum said...

David - I need a foot crossing as I am coming by train with Pickle and Picklessister. Main entrance to Tesco not an option.

david said...

PM - that's the route I am talking about. Left out of the station, left again into Fornham Road, then cross at a raised zebra and take the path from the rear of the store towards the entrance.

Paul F said...

Keep it to yourselves you two or everyone will want one!

picklesmum said...

Yes please David, that is what we want. When can we have one please? Picklesgrandma wants one too and she lives in Bury, in Paul F's area I believe.

Paul F said...

I told you to keep it quiet PM. Where does PGM want one? I can't really think of any obvious place near her.

picklesmum said...

She walks to Tesco sometimes as she doesn't drive so walks over t'hill and if we come from station we want one opposite the pedestrian pathway to tesco, near the railway bridge, please. Thank you very much. I'll tell her you'll get her one then!!