Tuesday, 18 September 2007

My first visit to a Bury nightclub (in the day)

Managers/owners from The Hide Bar, So Bar, Brazilia, Rose & Crown, (me) Queens Head & Extreme

Today a number of "pub watch" members invited me to hear their views on licensing matters, including those which have been the subject of some of my posts on this blog. It was a constructive meeting, the outcome of which will be a meeting between them and Abbeygate residents, to be arranged and chaired by me. Watch this space for further details.


david said...

Paul - Peter Plumridge tells me that the movement of people between pubs, clubs and bars in Bury town centre late in the evening is a long-established tradition. I have long thought that some of those who pass under my bedroom window in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday morning may have walked from the south side of the town centre and I suspect that many Abbeygate residents could say the same in reverse.

Jan had already given me a report of your meeting with the Pubwatch team and I hope this is the start of a greater understanding of between us all.

Anonymous said...

Was this meeting prompted by the Queen's Head appeal against the recent refusal by SEBC for an extension of licensing hours and the forthcoming Reviews of Licence of So Bar and Hide?
I hope it does lead to better understanding from the License holders and their customers of the needs and concerns of the local residents to these establishments

Paul F said...

The meeting was requested by the licencees and I was happy to accept.