Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Good news for Southgate Street

This week consultation letters will be sent out about the proposed traffic calming measures I posted about not long ago. I hope that there will be enough agreement to put them into effect, as this should at least slow vehicles at the old post office end.


florries mum said...

Glad to receive this proposal, at least they are asking our opinion. We haven't filled it in yet as Bury Boy hasn't been home since it came, he is not on a very long pub crawl, he is away with work as per usual. I thought I had better ask him if he has an opinion before I return it. No news on SID since the phone call telling me it was coming when they get a suitable place ito site it.

florries mum said...

Now in Scotland, and having travelled through sevaral picturesque small villages I noted that since my last visit six months ago there are now lots of speed indicator signs with smiley faces when you keep under 30mph. They are all solar powered by a very small panel on top of the sign, and very effective. These villages are just as pretty as Southgate Street, so why can we not have one? We seem to be getting a crossing, and they are very hard to come by.