Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Today's big shock

Avid readers of this blog will have seen a picture of my garden pond, complete with lilly. Imagine my horror, therefore, at discovering that it had almost emptied overnight.

This is a picture after Mrs F had hosed down lots of slime and partially refilled it.

Any advice?


picklesmum said...

Hi Paul, as I'm sure you have nothing better to do, I have blog tagged you (again) this time for the middle name game. Don't blame me, blame 21stCM, she tagged me!

Paul F said...

If its easier than clearing out a pond I will have a go!

picklesmum said...

Why when I am online on your page does it say you have 1 visitor to your site from High Wycombe? I've never even been there!!

Paul F said...

Its probably where your internet provider is, PM. Try not to worry about it too much.