Saturday, 15 September 2007

Another day, another headline...

And I thought yesterday was bad. My mother says things happen in threes, so I dread to think what a third headline would be: "Council bosses take prompt action" perhaps? Maybe not. And thanks to the StEds staff who leaked the story. You and the EADT have done the thief a really good turn.

Lets hope the Freedom ceremony for Sir Eldon today will brighten moods. I hope to post some pictures in due course.


Anonymous said...

Of course, don't blame the council officer who kept the banking details on a laptop at home or the council which let the officer take them home.

Probably easier to blame the media for letting the public know what is actually going on and which you would prefer was supressed.

Anonymous said...

Shooting the messenger again, Paul. Given current form the chances of an EADT headline "Council gets it right" may indeed be reality very soon. Presumably disgruntled staff leaked the story because they are deeply unhappy about what happened and do not want it hushed up or, for that matter, repeated.

Paul F said...

It looks as if I am reaching new audiences, which I welcome, however anonymous.

I too am unhappy about what happened and do not wish it to be repeated: my details were stolen too.

There is an investigation being carried out that will soon be completed. Until then it is too early to blame.