Friday, 14 September 2007

Today's papers


I suppose it would be too much to expect the East Anglian to print a story with the font page headline: Council gets it right. There is so much that is done well by St Edmundsbury Borough Council all the time that doesn't receive such attention. OK, a mistake was made, it shouldn't have happened, and it mustn't happen again. But because of the speedy reaction by StEds staff all the copies were traced and confidentiality respected - even by the EADT. So no actual harm was done.

BFP letters

The public venue comes in for some stick from veteran contributors. John Chittock (whose wife has also written anti-council letters in the BFP) says how difficult it has been to make international and national media conferences (which he has chaired) commercially viable - as if that is all that is going to go on there.

Sue Tamlyn says abandon the venue (bit late now?) sell the land (and relinquish control over what might be built there?) and invest the proceeds in services "that matter to us". Well Sue, the venue may not matter to you (although I think it might for certain functions) but it will matter to the many who will enjoy an updated modern flexible version of the Corn Exchange - itself well past its sell-by date.

Finally, I can assure Elizabeth Holder that indeed the Cattle Market development does include public conveniences in the plan!

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