Sunday, 5 August 2007

Sunday walk

Following the recent spate of blog tagging, here are four random facts about our Sunday morning walk.

The first surprise was that our local zebra crossing and all the associated white lining had been refreshed. It was still a bit wet so I wonder if it had been done overnight or early this morning. The SEBC Engineering section jokingly liken the road lining contractors to the yeti, but they were obviously in action today. Mind you, they stopped short of the Southgate Green roundabout's hatching, which is in my ward, and badly needs doing.

I wonder if all this was set in motion by my nice LibDem borough councillors. If so you can rely on my county councillor (a real Bury boy and gentleman, whose ancestors contain more local mayors than the town council has even had) not publicly claiming his part in the success.

The next picture was to have been the rabbit's head we cycled past in Fox & Pin Lane. A stark reminder of the not-so-pretty countryside. I couldn't take it, never mind post it. Fortunately I was soon diverted by the moon.

This piece of farm machinery was left by a footpath a couple of years ago. Presumably it will remain there rusting away for ever.

So that's our exercise for today, but it's not doing the trick says Mrs F. France, Italy and birthdays are catching up on us, so its the Atkins diet for next week - for me too.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't work and is dangerous. Best thing you can do to lose weight is eat a diet high in cardohydrate with plenty and fruit and vegetables and low in fat. Do this over a long period of time with regular exercise and watch the pounds drop off and stay off. Throw this book away. The Atkins diet damages your body.

Paul said...

Never fear, anon, this will be a low fat, low carb, low calorie, low cholestrol healthy version, eg grilled salmon and veg (NOT fried egg and bacon).

Rest assured Mrs F is an expert on dieting, is still a size 10 and usually weighs under 8 stone. This will just be a post prandial boost for us both.

Thanks for your concern.

david said...

Anon - I've got lamb's liver for supper today. Is this okay and can I have a few organic chips with it?
What about mushy peas?

I presume fresh orange juice is doing me some good.

RSVP by 19.00.

florries mum said...

What overweight people seem not to realise is that a healthy weight is an equatation which links calories in and exercise expended. Its as simple as that. And for the record Paul, you and Mrs F do not look as if you have a problem with this. If you two are overweight then theres no hope for the rest of us. Enjoy your food and drink reasonably and enjoy life-nobody knows what is round the corner. Here endeth to-days lesson.

Anonymous said...

David, I have no concern over your diet. You can eat what you like.

david said...

Anon - thanks. As soon as it gets a bit cooler I will start cooking.

Paul said...

"Supper" David? I thought you proudly had tea. Did it ever cool down enough for you to cook it?

Thanks for the compliments FM, but you only stay like it by watching it. I agree its all about long-term balance.

Anon, don't you care about David's diet. Would you if he did an Atkins?

david said...

Paul - yes, at about 7.30 pm. It has to be 'supper' at that time as 'tea' must be at 6 pm. Silly you. It's a convention.

I'm actually more interested in the photo of the 'model' pedestrian crossing so may look again later today after yet another blood test, this one at Mount Farm Surgery. Moreton Hall, here I come!

Paul said...

Well the diet's gone well so far. A sausage omelette beats All-Bran, and who can complain at a lunch of heavily dressed cheese salad? Coffee without milk is a little odd and so is a ban on fruit.

I wonder what dinner (sorry David - but we eat it when you eat "supper" - tea's at 5 for us) will bring?