Monday, 6 August 2007

Its delivery time

Just when you think all that election literature has finally been shredded or made into a papier mache lampshade by Ruby, it's time to deliver some more. This should get the weight off a bit, especially combined with the Atkins diet this week. 11st 5lb this morning!!!

Can you see it dropping off yet?


Anonymous said...

Exactly what area are we supposed to look at? Head, shoulders,arms, bottom or legs?
You have a very fine physic, so please just CHILL, and enjoy the compliments.

Bury Boy said...

Note the picture does not show pauls footware, crocs of course would be a fasion statement, well with cut off shorts any thing would be fasionable LOL.

If you would like to post the "undelivered " ones at our house Florrie will shred them for you. then you can take them to Ruby for Paper m. Maybe we can make "hoffy" hats with them paint them different colours. LOL

Bury Boy said...

Could we have another copy please. florrie got to ours first this morning. I think she throught the postie was moonlighting, or she reconginised the "knock down ginger" people from earlier in the week. Both FM and I ignored her barking a warning, such is life.

Paul said...

You can look at what you like anon. I'm off delivering again this morning so am hoping to lose a few ounces more.

BB - its the same unfashionable black shoes which I have used to tramp round Abbeygate for longer than I care to remember.

I don't think there'll be any spares for your imaginative ideas.

I moved your comment from my website as it's humour seemed more suited here. Do you really need another copy...?

Paul said...

Atkins or delivering or both has lost me 3lbs in two days.