Saturday, 4 August 2007


Ruby has blog tagged me, which means I have to burden readers with 8 random facts about me. How indulgent! I think I will do it slowly...

Fact 1: I am a chronic anosmic. (Nothing to do with my faith! The clue is in the picture.)

Fact 2: This is my favourite possession...

Fact 3: I hate cutting this. We have a hand mower (very green), which is fortunately light enough for Mrs F to do it - which she usually does.

Fact 4 (half way there): I get round by bike as much as I can. Here I am crosssing the Southgate Green toucan crossing which I was instrumental in getting established. (I don't think I shall offend any Suffolk County Councillors by saying that!

Fact 5: I hate the following pronounciations or expressions:

hopefully (strictly meaning full of hope, but lazily and incorrectly used to mean I hope)

anticipate (when used as a grandiose and incorrect substitute for expect

somethink, anythink & nothink, amazingly used by people who should know better

Fact 6: I am 1/16th German, according to a relative's research.

Fact 7: I used to write and edit music education books. Here is a selection:

Fact 8 I have four daughters, five grandchildren, one more on the way and one sort of step-grandchild. Here is a very discreet picture of most of them:

Now I hereby tag David (No Molestar on BFP blogs) & Picklesmum, and I'd like to tag Florriesmum but she doesn't have a blog.


21st Century Mummy said...

All those grand-children and not a pair of crocs in that's a novelty. I'm impressed by all those music books. I noticed the one on Football. Surely that one is in need of a review by David.

Paul said...

As I have 3 tags left I hereby add Francis and Bury Bits & Blogs. One more left...

I don't think crocs have reached the Farmer family, 21CM, although I did see my first pair on Mrs F's brother recently. Not very pretty IMO.

florries mum said...

I'm flatterred Paul. I will try to think of eight interesting facts about myself anyway, and try them out on Bury Boy. I hear snores coming from the corner already.

Bury Boy said...

Message for Pauls Grandchilden.

"Grandad paul said you could have a pair of crocs in any colour other than red if you ask nicely.".

Paul's grandchildren said...

We don't want them thank you. Crocs are vile and for people with no fashion sense.

Master Gabriel said...

I absolutely hate crocs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you like them?

Paul said...

FM - why not post them here?

BB - bet you didn't think you'd get that response!

Bury Boy said...

Block voting again paul?

Fasion sense this is Bury st Edmunds.

I take it they agree with your decision not to wear a cycle helmet as well paul?