Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Incident in Guildhall Street

OK, I didn't take this picture, but had I taken my camera delivering with me this morning I could have obtained evidence never mind a good photo.

A large plain white van was slowly (and I thought gingerly) trying to negotiate the narrowest part where parking is still allowed. I held back from walking past it because it was nearly on the pavement. Suddenly the was a loud crunch, the wing mirror of the parked car lost the will to live, and the van drove off pretending nothing had happened.

I strained to read the number plate, but without glasses it was very difficult. Even if I had been able to do so I suspect I would not have remembered it. I turned to an equally gob-smacked onlooker who couldn't either, and with no name on the side of the van there was nothing we could do but show our total exasperation with society and life in general.

I felt very inadequate and useless. Is there something I could/should have done...?


david said...

Paul - no. From now on though try to remember to take your glasses with you wherever you go. I know this can be difficult especially if you are on your bike as the case is a bit bulky but there may be an easy solution here.

You should also carry a pocket diary or notebook and a 'writing spanner' or pencil, as they more conmmonly known.

I keep one in my front right trouser pocket as I am often approached by electors who always start by saying: I'm glad I have seen you because....

If I don't write down their question I can easily have forgotten it by the time I get home.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you for not reacting more quickly. Could you not have run forward when you heard the crunch, in order to get close enough to the vehicle? Not very councillory!

Paul said...

Sound advice David, no doubt, but by the time I had retrieved my glasses and writing equipment it would have been too late.

Anon - so easy for you to be armchair-wise.