Tuesday, 7 August 2007

'ello, 'ello, 'ello. What's all this 'ere then?

Sgt Steve Henthorn, who runs the excellent new Safer Neighbourhood Team for Bury Central is warning a driver caught exceeding the 20 mph speed limit in the historic core. The difference is that the driver was caught by none other than Cllr Richard Rout, using a laser sped gun. Richard has already become very attached to this gismo, whilst I was more wary of it.

Nevertheless I too caught a speeding car of the "modified" type, whose driver freely admitted doing more than the machine had said.

See my website for more details of what we hope to do next.


david said...

Police Officers don't say 'ello, 'ello, 'ello, or even, you're nicked, sunshine (except in The Sweeney).

If Steve Henthorn rates a mention in frame 1, surely Mark Ellis should get a credit in frame 2.

florries mum said...

Come to Southgate Street pleeeease!
I waved to you this morning but you were busy pedalling, trying to catch up with Mrs F. Didn't you have enough fuel for breakfast?

Paul said...

David - despite your first comment you obviously got the connection. Mrs F, who is of direct Irish descent, tells me she's never heard anyone there say "Begorrah".

FM - I was actually trying to take photos of Mrs F for a post,without her seeing me. We went to Ipswich today and so we were cycling to the station.

If this Community Speedwatch catches on there is no reason why we shouldn't come to Southgate Street. By the way, tell BB I have put in a personal application for SID via SCC website. You could too and they'd get the message louder.

david said...

Paul - neither have I heard any northerner say 'By Gum' or 'Hecky Thump' - not yet anyway.

Anonymous said...

Is it really necessary or proper for local councillors to involve themselves in what should be a police matter?

Bury Boy said...

now thats a shame how about a link to the right page, It is allowed on your own web page you know. the SCC site is a mine field according to Florries Mum ( technofobe)

out of pure curiosity who is the local SCC councilor for southgate street ? time we got them on side.

Paul said...

Sorry BB. Try this.

David - my Yorkshire gradfather, a private who was decorated in the Boer war, used always to say "capital" as a term of approval.

Anon - you have what's fashionably called a "silo" mentality.

Paul said...

BB - forgot to say your SCC councillors are David Lockwood (who has offered to pay for most of the Southgate St bollard scheme I am trying to arrange) and Paul Hopfensperger.

Bury Boy said...

hum! a choice of SCC councillors just waiting to help then ?