Monday, 17 September 2012

Job well done?

Old concrete meets new - which is worse?

The whole "nine yards"

This morning I had a telephone call from a disgruntled resident of Kings Road (West). He claimed that recent cement/concrete repairs had been badly done, some already crumbling and all looking poorly laid.

When I arrived on the scene a couple of neighbours were also bemoaning the state of the "repairs" and I have to say that it was not impressive. The photos above only give some idea of the problem.

I know it is not easy to improve these old concrete patchworks in one of the most complained about pavements in the town, but there are examples of where it has been done with a smooth cement flush finish. So it can be done, but hasn't been here!

Suffolk County Council are responsible for this, so Cllrs Ereira and Oliver, over to you!

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