Sunday, 22 April 2012

Mosque plans axed?

A resident in Victoria Street tells me that building work has already started, to convert The Falcon to houses. I shall confirm this by visiting, but have no reason to doubt the information.

Perhaps the idea for a mosque was not practical or affordable for those who shared their aspirations with the press. Or perhaps a better site has presented itself.

If you know any more do please comment.


Anonymous said...


Work at the back of the Falcon now seems to be carrying on at quite a fast pace with foundation being laid where the old car park was. However I have not seen any planning notices at the site - nor is anything listed on the St Edmundsbury website. Please could you investigate what is being built here and why no planning application has been lodged?

Many thanks

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Hello AC and thanks for your comment.

The work currently underway must be the conversion of the Falcon and its car park to houses. I too found it hard to find the details on the SEBC website, as it did not come up in a search for "The Falcon". I tried "Risbygate Street" and it worked. Here it is for you to cut and paste:

Hope that works, but be reassured that permission was sought and granted.