Monday, 11 July 2011

Surprise, surprise!

J.D.Wetherspoon have put in a planning application to change their closing hours from 11pm Mon-Thurs and midnight at weekends to midnight in the week and 1am at weekends. Whilst this does not come as a complete surprise, one has to ask why they accepted the condition and incorporated those hours into their licence application. Has someone senior only just noticed?

Wouldn't it have been more sensible to show how successful their operation is supposed to be, for at least some months, and then put in for a change on the back of that. Are they not confident enough to wait until then?

It is true that the condition only went through on the casting vote of the chairman back in April. With a new development control committee it will be 'interesting' to see what happens this time round.

Click here to read the EADT story of 14th July.

The Development Control meeting on 1st September is likely to hear this application.


Bury Boy said...

It is a try on, commercially they have to try and see what happens, after all they have share holders.

Stick to your guns, re afirm the message and continue to press for reasonable times, No doubt they will ask again in the future, and once again we must remind them of our concerns and that we too have a right to be respected.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Thanks Bury Boy. Message received loud and clear!