Friday, 24 June 2011

Memory loss?

In today's Bury Free Press a letter says I lent "support to the arrival of Wetherspoons".

I am afraid I have no recollection of this support, but perhaps I am suffering more than I realised with the memory problems that come with old age. I vaguely remember responding to the consultation for Wetherspoon's planning application, and must have done because it's on the SEBC website. It says: Consultation response - objection - Cllr Paul Farmer - 17.3.11 and starts: "I wish to object to the opening hours..."

I also seem to remember attending the Development Control meeting when this application was discussed (but I don't recall whether the letter writers were present); in fact I may have addressed the meeting.

Someone recently told me (as I had forgotten) that the closing times I suggested were agreed and later repeated in the licence application. I was also told that the Hunter Club is able to close an hour later than Wetherspoons, but I have no recollection of that whatsoever and find it hard to believe.

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