Saturday, 11 July 2009

Opening West Suffolk House

Leader of SCC Jeremy Pembroke speaking yesterday before the unveiling. Click the picture to enlarge it and see from left to right: David Burnip (CE of FHDC), bit of Alan Duncan MP, Jeremy Pembroke, Richard Spring MP, John Griffiths, leader of StEds, about 5 people on, in front of the window, Geoff Rivers, CE of St Eds, and just in front right, Andrea Hill, CE SCC.

After Alan Duncan MP (Shadow Leader of the House) gives a witty speech, the stone is unveiled. Lord Tebbitt, about to move into Bury in a week or two, is in the crowd.

Thanks to StEds and SCC staff for making the whole event run like clockwork.


Bury Boy said...

Thats a lot of public money standing around doing very little, no doubt all on expenses.

The question is did we really need a offical opening in these difficult times?

What if any thing did this event acheive for the rate payer?

If it was really really could not have been avoided could we not have waited a couple of weeks and let Norman do the deed with a few local (bury) based workers?(and local councilors of course)

I only ask as it seems a waste of time and money. ( the event rather than the building).

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Surely BB you don't really begrudge a short ceremony to celebrate the opening of a unique building and way of working that (a) saves council tax because its cheaper to house staff here than in Shire Hall and the old Western Way offices (b) creates a whole new way of co-operative working of SEBC and Western Suffolk SCC staff in advance of any changes in local government.

There are lots of spin-offs from an event such as this, but I don't think they would convince you so I won't elaborate.

Bury Boy said...

(a) and (b) were already acheived, before the PR event did it really need all that expensive executive time for NO rate payer benefit or return.

You are correct convincing me ( and others) of a rate payer benefit will test your skills to the limit. One day every penny will have to be justified, making new friends and social chit chat and cosy council meetings and PR shoots dont count.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Well here's just one, BB.

Many staff attended, and all (most still working) saw the VIPs touring the whole building. That was a positive experience for all, especially for the morale of those workers who have faced a huge changeover in their location and pattern of work (by the way, they pay to park there).

A happy workforce is a more efficient workforce giving better value for money as a result.

headless said...

Paul - your photos of Council, etc, events are great. The BFP photo's often don't give quite the same feeling of "being there".

BB - these type of events are a good way of getting people with a shared interest together. And in public. Gosh. I would imagine that they rarely happen - purely because the participants are working hard to make sure you do get bang for your buck. (Except "Arndrea" Hill, obviously.)

Bury Boy said...

Ah yes i can see that from enlarging the picture, the speech was so mind absorbing.....

a quick visit by the over paid and few clebs does not make a happy work place. Think back to how you felt when the offstead inspector arrived, thrilled to see them no doubt, and encouraged to work harder? No I didnt think so, there is a LOT more to making a working enviroment productive, than an occational visit by the cheif exec and the elected.

( by the way so they should pay to park there. even on sundays!, despite a FREE bus service curtisory of ASDA) If I have to pay to park outside my own home, then parking at work at rate payer expense seems fair all round.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Thank you Headless.

That was the best of a lot taken, BB. I could have shown just those three looking more interested than the camera caught them, but decided on the one decent shot that included other ordinary mortals.

Bury Boy said...

Just the 3 paul?
Who is the guy with his arms crossed.?
Always better to show it as it is.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

He is one of the only three I meant, both CEXs and the MP opening it - as shown in the second picture. Not sure what you are getting at BB.

Are you the same BB who kindly said something supportive of me on another site? (It'll never last.) Am considering whether to respond to the question raised there. Watch this space, as ever.