Sunday, 5 July 2009

Illegal parking in Kings Road

This picture was taken at 9.15 today. The whole of the stretch of road on the left has a single yellow line, with clear notices on lamp posts saying "8am-6pm". I am told by a resident who has complained to me that this is typical. I know its also typical of lots of streets in town where the same misunderstood (or simply abused) restriction applies 7/7 (as they say).

Those of my age remember parking restrictions being brought in, and how they did not apply at weekends. But all that changed long ago. If it says "8-6 Mon-Fri" it means that. If no days are included it means "at any time" but does not have to say so. Maybe it should?

Meanwhile driving along Kings Road at times like this becomes difficult, and I suppose potentially dangerous. It's certainly irritating for those who live there that stick to the law.

Apart from proper police enforcement (excuse me while I cough) what is the answer?

Postscript July 15th. Following Clearwater's question about the council taking over responsibility for yellow lines, I have received this advice:

"This is a matter which the County Council is responsible for and any decision on moving forward with this scheme is at their discretion. Decriminalised Parking has been implemented in Ipswich and we would be keen to participate in any proposal to implement this in West Suffolk. We have investigated this previously through a joint feasibility study which was discussed with members some time ago. We have indicated we want to be involved in this if and when County determine they want to move forward."


Clearwater said...

When the traffic wardens were scrapped a few years ago, there were ongoing talks that St Edmundsbury was to take over the enforcement of on-street parking throughout the town. Initially we were told this should happen within 18 months, however, as you can see from your photograph which is as you rightly say typical of a lot of streets, nothing yet has happened. With the Police continually stating that parking offences are not high on their list of priorities and hence the low level of activity in this department (seems strange they can pick and choose which offences they wish to enforce), surely, with the granting of new powers to district councils to enforce restrictions on yellow lines, this changeover should have already taken place. Until, and if, this changeover ever takes place, we will continue seeing the problems and potentially dangerous problems, which you have highlighted this morning.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

As always you make a very good point CW. I would personally like to see this administrative change, although as I am told it is very complex it may be better to wait until we know what council/s we will actually have. However, I will enquire and report back to this page anything of interest.

Bury Boy said...

Has anyone taken the oppitunity to find out who these cars belong too. Are they workers within the town driven to park here because of parking charges, or lack of other parking or are these residents who have no where else to leave there cars while they rest in their homes. There was a time that there were ample places to leave your car while at home, but these now seem no longer, they are schemed, or chargable, yet still the council allow more buildings without car parking facilities. This seems systematic of a poor over all parking problem in Bury. As transport links get worse, and cars become more affordable, and we encourage vistors and businesses to the town, we need more parking.

Just maybe local rate payers ( by this I mean town residents) should have free parking, and those vistoring pay a higher fee to park, or use a very needed park and ride.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Thanks BB. The resident who contacted me is clear that this is 'local people' parking Saturday and Sunday nights, but not moving during the morning or whole day at weekends. Although there is some residents' parking in the area, unlike your own situation there is no room in this part of the two-way street for daytime parking at all.

As for general parking, I don't think the car parks are hardly ever all full at once - and the council as planning authority has no alternative but to follow mad government guidance which says we can't refuse permission for buildings because of lack of parking spaces.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Pleased to say that the police have responded swiftly and positively to this blog post.

Rose said...

In Out Westgate opposite the new development we get cars parked in the no daytime parking zone during the day. Even when letters from Baker's the builders have been posted for 'no parking' in the parking spaces further up the road some cars are still left there on the day in question.
In the evenings we are lucky if they aren't also on the pavement.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Yet another example. Hope it improves after the building has stopped.

Picklesmum said...

I know you are not my councillor but cold you tell me is it illegal for cars to park on the pavement as one does it near us every day and it makes it unsafe getting Pickle to school! Thanks Paul.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Flattered you should ask PM, but actually I'm not even on your council, and I'm certainly no legal expert. I believe you are right but you need to check with your local police, possibly easily done through your real local councillor!

Or try just complaining to the police and they'll tell you?

Good luck.

Bury Boy said...

Does the advice giver have a name or job function ? or is this just a random comment.
What I am getting at is this just a helpful bit of advice based on knowledge, or was it given by some one who could infuence should a decision be taken by "county", and who or whom would "county" be.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Sorry for the anonymity BB. Take it from me, this can be taken as the official view of the Borough Council.