Monday, 8 June 2009

Women by Women

Barbara Stone by Rose mead, c 1930. Oil on canvas. Copyright SEBC

This excellent exhibition at Moyse's Hall Museum does just what it says on the tin: lots of portraits by women, or of women, or of women painted by women. It is a fascinating collection of St Edmundsbury owned art, some of which is being displayed for the first time, and shows how much more vibrant these works become when properly displayed and explained.


Bury Boy said...

There is a nice property in the Abbey Gardens that would be ideal?

Come to that we had a nice place once, and someone sold it off. Never saw this art on display there so yet another missed oppitunity, what else is locked away from the public that local rate payers have purchased one wonders.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Thanks BB. All museums have as much or more in store as there is space to display. That is why the practice of changing displays and having temporary exhibitions allows previosuly little or un-seen objects to be shown. It also makes it more interesting for the regular visitor.