Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Link (or one of them)

Centros’s improvements to Market Thoroughfare are now set to go ahead with works due to commence late this week or early next following the company’s resolution of a legal technicality.

The aim is to enhance Market Thoroughfare as a pedestrian link between Cornhill and the new arc shopping development, which opens next month. The work involves the demolition of the two-storey overhang above the thoroughfare, re-paving the walkway and re-lighting it to match the other main pedestrian link, Central Walk.

David Lewis, associate director of Centros, said: “The delay caused whilst we resolved some third party legal issues has been very frustrating but we are very pleased that the works can now commence. Although the route will not be open when Debenhams and the first shops open on the 5th March, we are aiming to have it completed and reopened for Easter and the Bury Festival. We believe these proposals will significantly improve the visual connectivity between Cornhill and Auction Street, and the improved finishes will greatly enhance the quality of environment both in the daytime and evening.

“These works represent the first of a number of proposed phased refurbishments to the Cornhill property that continue to be evaluated, not least against occupier demand in these challenging times. It is also important to understand that none of the work we are about to undertake stops us from implementing a wider scope of work at a later date.”


Bury Boy said...

Is that it, what a cop out. I hope the Bury Free Press give you all a hard time on this issue.

It sounds as if the new shop onwers in the CATTLE MARKET / ARCE were also promised a clean, wide, linking public area. After all why visit unless you are returning to the carpark. or maybe even the park and ride pickup point.( which should be on angel hill to help drive customer flow for our established small shops) but thats a topic for later.

Paul F said...

Like you BB, the press ALWAYS give us a hard time!