Thursday, 19 February 2009

Allotments on the cheap?

Having been vilified somewhat for daring to propose that allotment holders should pay any more rent than the current minimum, £16.55 per year including unlimited water on site, I was delighted last night to find my proposal for more realistic rates was unanimously agreed across all parties of the Town Council.

Speaking after the meeting, Chairman Cllr Richard Rout said, “We already provide allotments for over 200 people and have a waiting list for a further 150... Allotments have been a significant issue and we have agreed that the rent for 2010/11 will be £23 for a plot of 5 square rods, an increase of £4.75. We have resolved over the next three years to make the allotments self-financing which will see further increases but we intend to consult existing and prospective allotment holders regarding how we can best achieve this and whether concessions could be applied."
This must make sense: to enable the proper maintenance of allotments without actually making a profit this charge will need to be over £30 by 2012. Given the news about allotments today (click here) this is still very modest!

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