Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Suffolk County Council are responsible for coordinating highway works in Bury, and up until Friday were telling SEBC that the temporary lights at the Newmarket Road/Western Way junction would be removed whilst Tayfen Road was closed. SEBC dutifully informed everyone of this, only to discover SCC had changed their minds on Friday afternoon!

Yesterday they decided to ban the right turn from Station Hill, contrary to discussions about the closures. So, rather than going all the way to the Tollgate junction to turn around, as per the diversion, many drivers were entering the Tesco car park to turn around. Whilst waiting to turn into Tesco they were causing traffic to back up which the right turn ban at Station Hill was intended to avoid!

Hey, ho...


Bury Boy said...

P""" up in a brewery comes to mind. decision making after lunch on a friday when they have all gone home, what change for the honest working man, woman, person, visitor,...in the street, the rate payer. Have you noticed how the councils with the most upto date offices, are those with expensive managers, ( 100k pa limit seems a damn good idea to me as a rate payer) poorer services ( subjective I know) and the most resistent to change.

Shared services now that is a good idea, but will they go far enougth, or pay lip service, and fight to keep their over paid posts. ( and index linked pensions, year on year salary increses, and little change of losing thier job). Thank goodness to see Nottinghamshire face up to it. The top managers may want to earn salaries equal to an imagary private sector, but can they take the decisions, and cut costs. and even consider closing down. Now there is an idea close down ipswich Bouorgh council and more the work load to Suffolk council, ........ ( names changed to protect the innocent ).

Paul F said...

Phew! I hope you feel better now, BB.

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