Saturday, 17 January 2009

How many men did it take?...

...if I am allowed to say 'men' and not 'person'. Here is the result of this week's efforts that two commentators were rather sensitive about. I don't understand the science behind this scheme, but apparently making the bend sharper makes it safer - odd, isn't it? Let's hope it helps.

Work on Tayfen Road should still be finished by next Friday or possibly sooner, by which time it will be possible for the St Mary's Square/Southgate Street bend to be similarly extended, plus the pavement widening opposite.

For those interested in the Tayfen situation, I am told that the ban on vehicles turning right from Station Hill was removed yesterday lunchtime: it was causing greater queuing problems than were the traffic lights used previously. The ban was being ignored by too many drivers and, with the road reduced to a single lane, those who wished to turn left were also being badly delayed. The County Council will review the arrangements on Monday.

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